Testing the blog wysiwyg on 2.1-20091203.104315-320.zip

Full Screen

  1. No editing in Full Screen in IE7:


2. Broken button display when editing in Full Screen in FF3.5


3. Extra unnecessary space under buttons in IE6 when editing in Full Screen. This causes a scrollbar to appear to accommodate the blog post.


"Save&View" and "Back"

4. Clicking "Back" from a published post puts the text in the "Summary" box instead of "Content".


  • It's not just for new blog post (UseCase 1) - also for existing ones (see UseCase 2)
  • Safari 4, Chrome, IE6, IE7, IE8 works ok
  • Opera 10.10 - after back you can't press again "Save&View" - you have a velocity rendering error


UseCase 1: FF

Steps to follow to reproduce:

  • Create a new blog post and write "Test" in the content box


  • Check publishing the article and click "Save & View"
  • Click "Back"
  • The content is now in the "Summary" box instead of the "Content" box


UseCase 2: FF

  • go to an existing blog post page with some "Text" in the CONTENT fields
  • edit page
  • Save and View
  • go Back = the "Text"
    • if SUMMARY was empty - the content of the CONTENT it will be duplicated in CONTENT and in SUMMARY
    • if SUMMARY was not empty - the SUMMARY value gets replaced by the one in CONTENT
  • press Save and View
  • now both SUMMARY and CONTENT have the same content


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