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Ukraine war: Putin raises stakes in speech full of anti-Western bile

The Russian leader's fiery speech is an attempt to divert from Russia's problems on the battlefield.

Ukraine war: Survivors speak of horror as Zaporizhzhia convoy hit

At least 25 civilians were reportedly killed as they tried to enter Russian-held territory to deliver aid.

Hurricane Ian: 'I hid in my bath tub all night'

Mobile home residents without any insurance are counting the cost of a devastating storm in Florida.

Lev Tahor Jewish sect members held in Mexico escape

Dramatic footage shows members escaping the site where they were held since a raid on their base.

Kabul blast kills teenagers sitting practice exam

The suspected suicide bombing in the Afghan capital targeted students at a tuition centre.

Example 2

On software quality, collaborative development, wikis and Open Source.../xwiki/resources/icons/silk/feed.png?cache-version=1658739690000

Docker and iptables

On the XWiki project, we use TestContainers to run our functional Selenium tests inside Docker containers, in order to test various configurations.

STAMP, the end

The STAMP research project has been a boon for the XWiki open source project. It has allowed the project to gain a lot in terms of quality. There have been lots of areas of improvements but the main domains that have substantially benefited the quality are:

Scheduled Jenkinsfile


Global vs Local Coverage


Resolving Maven Artifacts with ShrinkWrap... or not

On the XWiki project we wanted to generate custom XWiki WARs directly from our unit tests (to deploy XWiki in Docker containers automatically and directly from the tests).



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