Version 8.1 by Sorin Burjan on 2011/01/17 12:13

Issues found

WYSIWYG Iframe badly rendered in User Profile (IE 7)


After adding an attachment, the tab is moved back to Comments (IE7)

JS Error when clicking on a link to a non existing page (IE7)


Watch Button (Wiki, Space, Page) won't update (become yellow) until page refresh (not AJAX behavior). Same with Un-watch. (Happens on IE7)

WYSIWYG Editor -> Insert Table -> Columns and Rows don't get any input in FF (confirmed by mflorea)

Issues with XAADMINISTRATION (html macro error)

This happens for : Annotations, Registration, Invitation Application

Go to Administer Wiki and click Annotations.


Blog is broken [Failed to execute velocity macro]